Quantum Electronics 919 Moisture Meter Upgrade

Quantum 919 Digital v 3.0

​​​What Is a Digital Upgrade?

We offer two upgrades for 919 grain moisture meters.  The full upgrade (v3.0) includes a replacement of the outdated circuitry in the meter as well as the installation of a lit digital display that eliminates all analog dials and errors in guessing at the readings.  We also offer a more economical partial upgrade (v 2.0) that replaces the circuitry and needle movement to increase the precision of the meter and reduce errors. 

Improved Operation and Performance?

Don't believe those that would tell you that a 50 year old design cannot be improved with new technology. Anyone who has used the analog meters knows that there is a certain amount of indecision on these readings. We have improved the precision of the 919 meter and at the same time simplified the operation.

With our upgrade there is no longer any guess work in determining when the meter is calibrated or zeroed during your measurement. These features combined with the lit display and a circuit that holds it's calibration make this a great enhancement to your grain moisture meter. 

You are still in the Driver's Seat

Don't confuse us with the new fully automated meters.  The operator is still in control of the testing procedure.  What we have done is increased the precision, accuracy and reliability of the test unit.  The test process and how you use the tester and charts has not changed.


As part of the upgrade process, all meters are calibrated before leaving our facility to standards fo the Candian Grain Commission.  We recieve samples from the Commision on a regular basis to calibrate or reference meters.     

What Models Qualify for Upgrade?

We provide digital upgrades to all varieties of the  919 Moisture Meters from the earliest to the latest versions. We have upgraded thousands of meters over the last 10 years.


Quantum 919 Digital v2.0